Ben started his trading journey working at a small fund in London before moving across to work at a number of well-established trading education companies. Having spent many years in the market refining his strategy, Ben is now in the position to assist others looking to learn how to manage their own investment portfolio.

Ben’s style applies a systematic, top down approach to develop trading ideas using a blend of technicals, fundamentals and macro analysis. He applies this method to both the FX and Stock market.

The service Ben provides is honestly amazing. His knowledge and professionalism within the industry is top class. The course that Ben has to offer really will cover all aspects of becoming a professional trader. I have personally been mentored by Ben and the knowledge he has thought me is just mind-blowing really, I had written off trading until I met him. He has thought me a skill that I will have with me for life. Highly recommend him for anybody looking to start their trading journey.

- David Aherne